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Econvelope Designer™

    A durable transparent template and     A useful desktop accessory for the design and environmentally conscious.

Econvelope Designer template - making envelopes - ideal for calligraphy enthusiastsEconvelope™ Method

   There's no method of making an envelope greener or more economical than the Econvelope™ Method.
   There is no fancy cutting or trimming, which means no waste is generated. You make the envelope from scratch simply by folding a single sheet and securing the flaps.
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    Futo hopes to inspire you to make familiar-sized envelopes which are paper-efficient and are quickly and easily hand-crafted, making each envelope a work of art in itself.
   Econvelope - easy envelope making Branded as Econvelopes™ - a name reflecting the eco-conscious nature of their origins - these envelopes are characterized by an asymmetrical closing flap arrangement making them distinctive and immediately recognizable.
    The Econvelope Designer™ template ensures that your plain, self-coloured, pictorial or decorative rectangular envelope project, made with this method, meets international standards and postal requirements.
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Standard Range

   The Standard Range is suitable for popular European and US sizes of rectangular Econvelope™ pockets (open end) and wallets (open side).

Special Range

    Templates for square envelopes and a petite size for holding ATC cards and gift and business cards.


    Econvelope Designers™ benefit projects such as: